B2B Conversion Rate Optimization

While all companies love traffic to their website, whether from paid search advertising or organic sources, it's leads that are really king for B2B organizations. This is why we manage all of our search marketing campaigns toward lead generation goals.

Part of our success as a business has come from focusing on testing and the improved results they bring. Our experience with iterative testing allows us to achieve much more than if we were just dealing with initial performance.

Paid Search Advertising: We follow best practices for landing page creation to maximize conversion rates. Whether we promote a trial, white paper, video, or analyst report, all landing pages contain supporting elements and feature a strong call to action to promote form completion. We also optimize your post-registration pages toward engagement to help boost lead qualification rates.

Search Engine Optimization: To optimize lead generation for SEO traffic, one must take a holistic view of the entire site. We will identify pages with high abandonment rates, targeting them for further engagement with prospects. On high value pages we'll optimize your site to draw prospects down the sales cycle. And, of course, we'll work with your web team to add lead generation offers in key areas across your whole site.

Usability: Part of being able to generate leads from a website is identifying areas of design that are hindering usability or content engagement. Using data from Google Analytics and other tools, we dig into user flow to locate issues with current site usability. We also work with your team to define an ideal flow and help implement the changes needed to optimize usability on your site.