B2B Search Engine Optimization

Many agencies believe that SEO is about increasing rankings and boosting traffic, but we know that sales are king for B2B companies. If the traffic you deliver doesn't convert, it's worthless. That's why we develop reporting with your CRM and analytics systems to rack organic traffic from initial search impression through to the closed sale.

Our work is customized on your needs and site, so depending on your situation, one or more of the following may apply:

SEO Audit: To beging, we establish an SEO baseline for rankings, traffic, and links. Discover current tracking methodology and make recommendations. Determine immediate needs to fix 404 and other crawl errors which effect your ranking.

On-Page Optimization: We touch every page on the site to implement best practices for linking, page titles and descriptions, main copy, keyword usage, etc. Beyond this, we work with your web team to implement best practices to turn site traffic into sales leads.

Traffic Building: Most B2B companies have a difficult time garnering links. We work with you or your PR agency to develop a strategy for reaching out to blogs, news sites, and other content purveyors in a way that will best aid SEO for your site. Social engagement is also becoming a key factor in organic rankings and traffic. We help you take advantage of social, not only for the immediate traffic benefits, but also to improve SEO results.

Reporting: We keep you apprised of results with monthly reports on traffic, keyword rankings, leads generated, and measurement of progress through the sales cycle.