B2B Search Marketing - Services Offered

We are 100% focused on B2B companies and their lead generation needs. We have worked with B2B companies exclusively since 2004, honing our expertise based on relationships with dozens of companies. As a result we have developed expertise in, Eloqua, and Marketo which enable the analysis of large scale data which we use to optimize search marketing programs toward late sales cycle KPIs. Our experience with long and complex sales cycles, plus our expertise in search marketing in general, gives us a unique perspective on all of the elements needed for your B2B company to succeed in search marketing.

In our work, we view ourselves as an extension of your internal marketing team. We work with you to strategize and plan, then take on all elements of implementation, reporting, and optimization. To stay connected we set up regular calls to help you stay in touch with our activities and communicate any new needs from your team. We thrive on long term relationships, often getting to the point where we can anticipate your needs and deliver results based on known goals to help you look like a rockstar internally.

When working with small companies or start-ups we focus on helping you grow the business and understand your market. Search marketing can be a great way to discover the needs of your target audience while testing different messages in ads and on landing pages. Setting up solid tracking while developing the first sets of landing pages are also essential when we engage with start up companies.

For the mid-sized company with a currently underperforming search program we begin with an account audit. Using those discoveries we can hit the ground running to first optimize low hanging fruit. From there we focus on ad messaging, keyword expansion, and offer testing before expanding into landing page testing and optimization. To prove the effectiveness of our work, we constantly report against past performance and other internal programs. Delivering accountability through the sales cycle is a big focus with mid-sized companies.

The search marketing program for a large or global organization takes on different needs. We begin by engaging with the various stakeholders for strategy meetings to review current status. An audit of current performance and immediate fixes begins our work. After this evaluation we set up a testing calendar for ad changes, new marketing content, and landing page testing. Reporting into late sales cycle KPIs to compare to other internal programs is essential. Further work depends on the needs of the client, whether that is traffic expansion or localization into global markets.