Why Choose Us?

About Search Engine PPC

As a team we have more than 20 years of experience with paid search. When we began the business we decided to focus on B2B companies and have never looked back. It may be a bit geeky, but our love for data crunching blends perfectly with both search marketing in general and the specific needs of B2B marketing teams.

Our experience extends your team’s expertise into the realm of search marketing to benefit your entire site. While we may be hired on for just an initial account audit or one-time optimization, we really thrive on being able to work on the bigger picture of helping your company succeed from lead generation through to the closed sale.

Typical Client:

Spends (or wants to spend) $10-100K/month on paid search

B2B company with lead generation goals

High tech/cloud/software specialty

Startups through Fortune 500