B2B Search Marketing Services Include
  • Keyword development including adding new keywords, retiring non-performing keywords & negative keywords
  • Account management such as creating new campaigns & modifying traffic settings
  • Ad testing, running at least 2 ads at all times for each group of keywords
  • Engine testing & expansion to make sure your budget is allocated effectively
  • Landing page optimization including testing headlines, main copy, registration forms, offers, and design based on industry & client best practices
  • Bid management, both manually and through automated systems
  • Reporting on your chosen key metrics weekly, monthly, and quarterly

My entire focus is on pay per click marketing and lead generation campaigns. I know B2B search marketing like the back of my hand and use that expertise to help businesses generate qualified leads, lower costs and improve ROI.

My goal in working with any company is to understand your needs & key metrics. Whether you're looking to use search engine marketing to increase lead generation, reduce your cost/lead, improve lead quality, or a little bit of all of the above, I will work toward your goals to achieve results that will win business for your company and make you look like a rockstar internally.

Most of the companies I've worked with realize they're behind on search engine marketing, but just don't know how to catch up. They're not tracking results or the results they are seeing are so far off the mark that fixing the problems seems impossible. But, within days to a few weeks of beginning the optimization, I've found measurable, solid improvements to their campaigns.

The first step to achieving results is a simple phone call away.

Lead Generation

My aim is to find the right marketing collateral to generate quality leads for your company. In B2B there is a precarious balance between chosing the right offer to entice the type of prospects you need and that which will be best received once actually in their hands.

Discovering the best option from your available is key to effective lead generation via search engine marketing.

Closed Loop Marketing

Lead generation is only as good as the quality of the leads. In order to effectively optimize your search marketing spending, you must first be tracking the results of those clicks all the way through to the completed sale.

While sales cycles grow ever longer, it is also important to measure lead quality throughout the sales cycle to be able to feed that information back to the initial search.

I work with the following and more...

My management fees are completely transparent and based on industry standards.

I charge a flat monthly management fee for all work, such as that described above. These costs are a flat fee based on a percentage of your advertising budget.

The industry standard is 10-20%, and my fees run from 11-15%, with a $2,000/month minimum, depending on the complexity and size of the campaign.

This allows compensation according to the amount of work for an account, yet since it is a flat fee, your business goals and my fees aren’t in conflict.

My fees are set at the beginning of a contract and then adjusted quarterly based on any budget alterations.

I stay constantly in touch with my clients to keep them updated on progress, current tests, and the results we’re achieving. In general, I report to my clients on a monthly, weekly, and quarterly basis, but can modify my schedule based on your needs. I have standard reports covering the metrics that I feel are important to a campaign, but since my goals are based on your needs, every report is also customized to your specific business goals.

Account Ownership
All accounts, keywords, ads, etc. which are created through our work together remain entirely yours to own. While some agencies will try to tie you into extended relationships by claiming ownership of your search engine accounts, doing so runs counter to the relationship I try to develop with my clients. I would never want a client to have to make a decision between continuing a relationship that wasn’t working for their company in order to keep their account history versus starting over at a disadvantage without all of the keyword research they’ve paid for. Thus our continued relationship is based entirely on the results I can achieve for your company.

While I do provide one-time and some short-term optimizations, I always work best when creating long term relationships with clients. Since my clients budget quarterly, I ask for a 3 month commitment when taking on a new engagement. From there, contracts are renewed quarterly.