Client Relationships
Over the last 6 years Iíve had the pleasure of working with many companies, both for short and long term engagements.

While I may be hired to manage search engine marketing accounts, I am interested in the big picture and thus form long term relationships with my clients, becoming an extension of their marketing department.

My typical client fits the following profile:
  • Spends (or wants to spend) $10-100K+/month on paid search
  • B2B or other lead generation organization
  • High tech/software specialty

Featured Clients
Below are some of my featured client relationships.

Savvion Savvion
Savvion offers business-critical software, solutions, and services in the business process management (BPM) field. They market their solutions globally and maintain many of the Fortune 100 as their customers. I was tasked with re-starting a campaign in a tough economy to improve lead generation efforts, both for cost and quality.

Public Telecom Public Telecom
This publicly traded telecommunications company competes against some of the largest in the world, both in the US and across strategic markets worldwide. I started with the company in the early days of its PPC program and have grown it more than 1,600%.

America Can! America Can!
This non-profit organization supports kids by providing education to at-risk youth who have left the traditional school cycle. Their car donation program is highly seasonal and its success has been heavily influenced by search traffic.

Performance metrics that speak for themselves. While I work toward different goals for each client depending on their specific needs, the stats below speak toward the incredible success I've had with client's lead generation campaigns.

  • Increased monthly lead count by 1,632%
  • Saved $20,000 in the first 3 months alone
  • Lowered cost/lead by 85% to $14/lead
  • Tripled leads generated in less than 2 months
  • Improved conversion rates by 54% with landing page optimization testing

Additional clients rounding out my B2B experience include:

In less than 3 months,
Lindsey tripled our click-thru rates and quadrupled our conversion rates while reducing our overall SEM costs by half!

A true expert
Lindsey's singular focus on PPC optimization makes her a true expert. She is a pleasure to work with and extremely client-focused. From a marketing perspective, she delivers genuine value. The ROI on her Google optimization services is swift and measurable.

Alex Gramling, VP of Marketing, RunE2E