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The ĎB2B Search Marketing: Using Search to Demonstrate the Business Value of Marketingí whitepaper answers such questions as:

  • Does search marketing reach the B2B buyer?
  • Can I reach prospects during all stages of the buying cycle?
  • Should I use search in a down-turning market?

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Free Google AdWords Review for B2B Companies
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Below are articles I've written about search engine marketing, many featuring specific advice for B2B campaigns.
B2B Search Marketing Case Studies
Below are some featured B2B search marketing case studies achieved through years of experience with B2B & lead generation campaigns.

Savvion Savvion
During a tough economy, Savvion switched much of their spending to search, looking for gains in their lead generation campaigns for both cost and quality.

Public Telecom Public Telecom
The combination of great offers and constant testing have helped to grow this company's lead generation via search by 1,600%.

America Can! America Can!
See how this highly seasonal donation program competes on a national scale with a lower cost/donation each year.